ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 45001 : 2018






Our main goal is to create such a management of the processes and organization of the work in the company that will ensure protection of the environment. With this policy, the company’s management declares its ambitions and responsibility in building, maintaining and continually improving the Environmental Management System (EMS). Protecting the environment and preventing pollution is one of the most important tasks in managing the company’s business. The impact of the technological process on the environment, expressed through the consumption of natural resources, the use of chemical products and the potential for harmful emissions and environmental pollution, is reduced to the possible minimum by introduction of a hot dip galvanizing technology meeting BAT (“Use of best available techniques “) and ensures full compliance with environmental requirements in relation to environmental parameters. 

With this regard the management of ZGP Ltd. declares the following basic principles which are the basis for the environmental protection policy:

Compliance with the basic activity of the company and the impacts on the environment – we are aware of our responsibility and strive to provide as much as possible identification of the environmental aspects and the possible risks arising from the activity;

Continuous improvement of environmental protection and pollution prevention activities – which is the main objective of EMS, achieved through continuous monitoring of the processes and targeted monitoring and measurements aiming to assess the performance with regard to the environment, and to definine measures and provision of resources;

Compliance with the applicable legislation – the company is obliged to apply the current legal framework as well as other requirements with regard to the environment;

Documentation, implementation and maintenance – the management is committed to ensure documentation, implementation and maintenance of EMS;

Communicating and motivating people – the management publishes the environment protection policy and the related goals and strives to create the appropriate conditions to encourage its employees to participate fully and to take an initiative in implementing the activities;


The management believes that people are the most valuable resource of the company. By managing their abilities, motivation and satisfaction, the management seeks to create conditions for the people to be committed to achieving the company’s goals with regard to environmental protection;

Policy accessibility – the policy is accessible for all employees, as well as for all external stakeholders and the public, and it is available at any time and upon request;

Process, system, and factual approach – Business rules created by the company are the result of interconnected basic and complementary processes that are viewed and managed as a system rather than on their own. Decisions and actions are based on objective data and facts.


      For the successful implementation of the environmental policy, the company’s management ensures that:

  • The organization has and provides the necessary resources to build, maintain and develop effective and efficient EMS;
  • Undertakes to take care of the introduced Environmental Management Systems so that it operates in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001;
  • Declares his/her personal involvement and commitment to the implementation of the declared policy and to the integration of the accepted principles in the decision-making process to improve the company’s performance in terms of environmental protection.




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