ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 45001 : 2018

Company policy of HASWA





       Our mission is to create such working conditions in the performance of the company’s activities, which to the maximum extent meet the requirements of legal and other norms regarding health and safety at work (HASWA).


      The management of ZGP Ltd assumes its responsibility in the construction, maintenance and continuous improvement of the HASWA Management System and we declare the following basic principles:

 * Compliance of the policy with the nature and scope of the risks, at the workplace, being aware of our responsibility and ensuring all healthy and safe working conditions, by adequately identifying the hazards, as well as assessing and managing the risks related to HASWA. Management ensures that it constantly takes the necessary measures to prevent injuries and deterioration of the health of employees and outsiders located on the territory of the enterprise;

 * Continuous improvementof the HASWA Management System, which we achieve through continuous monitoring and control of processes, reduction of the risk of diseases, accidents and accidents at work, as well as effective and efficient improvement of HASWA performance by undertaking appropriate and effective corrective measures. and preventive measures;

 * Compliance with current legislation – the company undertakes to apply the current legislation, as well as other requirements regarding HASWA;

 * Advertising and empathy – The management announces the HASWA policy and the related goals and strives to create appropriate conditions, stimulating the employees for full participation in making decisions related to their health and safety.

 * Communications – the health and safety policy is available to every employee of ZGP Ltd., as well as to all external stakeholders;

 * Process and system approach – the healthy and safe working conditions created by the company are the result of the interconnected main and additional processes, which are considered and managed as a system, and not independently;

 * Factological approach to decision making – the system for communications, the management of documents and records on health and safety create a precondition for making decisions based on up-to-date information;

 * Documentation, implementation and maintenance – the management undertakes to ensure documentation, implementation and maintenance of up-to-dateness of all processes covered by Standards for Healthy and Safe Working Conditions;


The management of ZGP Ltd. believes that the most valuable resource of the company are the people and strives to create an atmosphere in which people are fully committed to achieving the goals of HASWA, announces its commitment and take responsibility for providing all necessary resources for maintenance and continuous improvement of the implemented HASWA Management System, which operates in accordance with the requirements of the BDS ISO 45001: 2018 standard;

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