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ZGP – Plovdiv Central Office

ZGP - Plovdiv Central Office

ZGP –  hot dip galvanizing plant in Plovdiv – 13m was opened in 2011 near Plovdiv on the way to Asenovgrad.

Its main activity is hot dip galvanizing of steel structures, products, details and assemblies.

The plant is located on an area of ​​25,200 sq.m., and its total built-up area is ​​6,200 sq.m.

In the factory is located the largest hot dip galvanizing bath in Bulgaria with dimensions:

     – length 13 m
     – width 1.6 m
     – depth 3.2 m


(Maximum Working Dimensions: length 12.5 m, width 1.5 m, depth 2.8 m)

The nomenclature of galvanized elements and equipment covers the following sectors:

     – Construction

     – Transport – road, rail and sea

     – Agriculture

     – Machine building

     – Communal (Utilities)

The plant incorporates the latest hot dip galvanizing technologies, that meet all European standards for safety, quality and efficiency.

The physicochemical characteristics of the zinc coating comply with BDS EN ISO 1461.

The minimum thickness of the coating is 60 μm, but there are also conditions for applying thicker coatings as well. For the high quality pre-treatment of metals, we use the best chemical products specially developed for this process by a leading Italian company.

The control of the basic materials and the qualification of the finished products are carried out by the chemical-analytical laboratory of the plant.

For specific configurations, the company helps with a competent consultation for the design and manufacture of the products.

Capacity: 50 000 t / year


Through our services, we aim to contribute to the development of the competitiveness of local companies in the metalworking sector.


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