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Hot Dip Galvanizing

Hot Dip Galvanizing

It is estimated that corrosion costs nearly 4% of world GDP each year. Due to this fact, lifetime costs are a very important factor in every construction or production.

Hot dip galvanizing is the most widespread and reliable existing corrosion protection process. Galvanizing is effective in protecting steel for very long periods, thus saving energy and resources with minimal environmental impact. Zinc scrap and hot dip galvanized steel can be easily recycled and the material can be used again for new production.

  • The reasons for using hot dip galvanizing can be found here.
  • The preparation process before hot dip galvanization can be found here.
  • A list and pictures of the hot dip galvanizing applications can be found here.
  • The hot dip galvanizing standard can be found here.

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