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Reasons for using

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Reasons for using


  1. Long life – Depending on the environment and the thickness of the coating, hot dip galvanized products endure 20 to 80 years without maintenance. When maintenance becomes necessary, it is fast and easy without complicated preparation procedures.
  2. Competitive Initial Costs – For most types of applications, hot dip galvanizing costs are lower than costs for other zinc or alternative coatings. The reason for this is, for example, painting requires intensive manual work while the hot dip galvanizing processes are mechanized and controlled in a closed environment.
  3. Lowest overall costs – by increasing product life and reducing or completely eliminating operating costs.
  4. Reliability – the process is relatively simple, defined and strictly controlled. The coatings are formed completely, with dense thickness and predictably.
  5. Fast application – Full protective coating can be applied within hours, whereas for alternative coatings the process may take a whole week.
  6. Coating Strength – During hot dip galvanizing, zinc molecules interact with steel molecules in a way that does not allow separation of the coating from the base as it is with other coatings. The result is higher durability against mechanical damage in terms of use, storage and transportation.
  7. Full coverage – due to the fact that the products are dipped in molten zinc, the resulting coating is overall – all angles, edges and difficult to access cavities and gaps (in case of properly installed technological holes).
  8. Easy inspection – the thickness of the coating can easily be checked with an electronic device.
  9. Instant use – the hot dip galvanized products are ready for use immediately.

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